Our clinic provides medical services for infants, children and teenagers.

  • well child visits and immunizations
  • school, sports and camp physicals
  • outpatient care for sick visits
  • facilitate and manage inpatient hospital admissions when needed
  • newborn services
  • referrals for specialty care needs

Outpatient Care For Sick Visits

We make every effort to schedule appointments for ill children on the day that you call us. Please call our offi ce ahead of time so that we can minimize the time that you will spend waiting.

Well Child Visits

Pediatric well-child visits are most frequent when the child’s development is most rapid. Hearing, vision, and other tests will be a part of some well child visits.

Hospital Nursery Rounds and Services

Even when things are going well, regular checkups during the fi rst two years can keep your baby happy and healthy.


Regular visits are important to make sure your baby is meeting the goals for motor skills and emotional development.
These can range from rolling over and head control during early visits to walking, talking, and following simple instructions during later regular visits.

School, Sport and Camp Physical Exams

Students often need a physical exam prior to attending school, competing in extracurricular sports or going to camp.


Immunizations begin at two months of age and occur at subsequent well baby visits thereafter.